Sunday, February 24, 2008

I felt there was no time

Morning, as you can see didn't keep up again. I was going to post a photo of the completed laminated scarf, but I sold the thing, and then, Whoops! I'd forgotten the final photo. But I have made numerous others since then. I am now making them longer and wider, as it is getting cooler and the women that seem to buy them are voluptuous goddesses and they like to wrap them right around and half over again. So I have finally taken some photos, of other shawls I have laminated. They are all merino laminated on to silk chiffon, the blue one has silk tussah to add a bit of sheen. Difficult to see on the photos. The black, yellow and red is a remembrance of Australia's apology to the stolen generation.

The below material is some silk chiffon that I rainbow dyed using the electric frypan and just sprinkling the different coloured dyes over. It turned out beautifully and I was going to keep it for myself but someone really liked it and after it was laminated I sold it.

The other type of felting I like to do is needlefelting. This is a great way to make 3 dimensional sculptures. The needles are barbed and mesh the wool together. This is one of series of mermaids I am making. I needlefelted her using corriedale wool for the body, silk chiffon for the tail, and gold seed beads for embellishing. She also has glass eyes. The tail which is difficult to see is like a Japanese fighting fish. Her name is Ebony. Now that's original isn't it?
The next mermaid is gorgeous, she is similar, made out of the same materials, oh, and the hair is mohair curls. They are fantastic for hair. She sold very quickly at my market stall. Not the greatest photography. Sorry. These mermaids were inspired by a series of books my daughter (11 years) was reading. They were written by Helen Dunmore and the first one is Ingo, the second is The Deep and the third is The Tide Knot, she really enjoyed them and so did I. I have also made a beautiful dark purple mermaid with silver metallic thread hand embroidered up the sides of her body. Will post a picture soon.

This below is a wet felted seamless bag, it is great for A4 size documents and art books. I have a bright pink one that I carry all my drawing materials around in. They are so sturdy and make great conversation pieces. ALL THESE ITEMS ARE FOR SALE. JUST EMAIL FOR PRICES AND POSTAGE ETC. I accept paypal.

This one below is "soap in a coat", I have wrapped the soap in merino wool and needlefelted the flower. It is supposed to be a frangipani flower as the soap is frangipani. This one sold quickly too. Even though none of the other soaps have. People don't seem to know what to do with them. Doh!!! Wash!!! I have made others, one a lemon myrtle fragrance has a lemon needlefelted on it and another is mango scented. Yes, you guessed it. It has a mango needlefelted on the front.