Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Don't you find this time of the year you have made all these plans to do this and that for Xmas and you are fast running out of time? Yeh, me too. Normally I have finished the Xmas shopping by now, nowhere near. Not to mention all the lovely hand made presents I was going to create. My lounge room floor and desk is littered with magazines full of Xmassy ideas that I was going to use. Going nowhere fast at the moment.
This top photo is an unusual felted gemstone. I didn't like the colour
of the stones so I felted them. I quite like them.

And I have made some needlefelted Xmas decorations, they
turned out quite well and are a bit cute. I enjoy needlefelting it is very tactile and it amazes me how firm they become. I don't use a foam shape for the centre. The entire article is made from hand dyed corriedale which is the best wool for needlefelting. Merino is too slippery. As you can see I did some beading as well

Monday, November 19, 2007


Haven't posted much lately. Life gets in the way. Here is a little picture I have drawn, I am going to use this as my business logo. I think he is a
bit cute. I am going to make a 3 dimensional needlefelted version.
And I have ordered a rubber stamp, so I can stamp him on bags and
labels etc.
I have also been making some padfolios, thanks to Sue B. from Fibre & Stitch. She has the best ideas. The outer layer is a made using a technique that I changed. It is originally for making silk fusion fabric, but instead of using silk, I used merino, and added a lot more inclusions. It worked out really well and came up fantastically with some machine embroidery.
I will have my e-store up and running on the 28th November.
I will be stocking all felting requirements, needlefelting kits, and
kits to make this merino fabric paper, including the instructions.

I have also made a polymer clay tool that is fantastic for helping
to full felting. It fits nicely in your hand and has a point at one end for getting into all those fiddly corners on hats and three dimensional sculptures. It also has ridges on one side for extra friction. This will also be available on the e-store.