Thursday, September 27, 2007

Too busy, to think

Having achieved a small goal, I seem to have fallen behind in other efforts, such as blogging. I have recently managed to get a permanent stall at a new market in Coffs Harbour, ( Australia). This market is only for local produce and local handcraft, no commercial imports. I am very excited about this, it is as close to a craft shop as I will ever get! This market is being held every week, which as you can imagine is a big commitment. Lots of creating every week and I have a real job and family. So I have been madly felting and trying to come up with quick and easy felty things to make.
I have also made up some needlefelt kits for beginners to make a pincushion heart, if anyone is interested they are $15.00 plus postage. They contain a dense, foam block, 2 felting needles, corriedale wool and free instructions.
Only 2 colours are included, the others are just to show other colours available. Oh, and the completed heart isn't included either.

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