Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Felt History, what a story

We have all seen felt, or think we have. The commercial felt that can be bought in the shops, nice,flat, all even thickness and in any color you like. Not very exciting, but useful for lots of different projects. Well, that is the end of that felting discussion. Lets get on with discussing real felting.
There are a few stories I have researched that discuss how felt was initially invented (discovered). The first I found was about Noah and the Ark.When Noah put all those animals in the hold of the Ark, bits of their wool, fleece, hair etc, shed. Of course, there was no cleaning out the pens at the time. So the animals just kept stomping on and weeing on the fibres, it also would have been pretty warm down there. When the Ark finally came to rest, and the animals disembarked, there was a large layer of smelly felt in the bottom of their pens.

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  1. Well, that pretty much turns me off from least for awhile....*L*