Thursday, August 30, 2007

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I hope the creative creatures amongst us keep a notebook handy at all times to note down the lightning flashes of creative brilliance that occur, at the most inopportune moments. I find at night I will wake up with the best ideas, (according to myself, of course) by morning they have gone. I now try and remember to keep an ideas book handy.
I thought today I will try and make myself an interesting one. Like one of those altered art books, in the hope it will help me to remember and to enjoy writing in it.
Yesterday ran my first felting workshop, we made felted, seamless bags, it went very well. I think it helped the first students were friends and acquaintances. We had a great day and they loved the bags they went home with. The photo is of one of the students, Margaret. One thing I did wrong was miscalculate the time it would take for the class. I must have been insane thinking it would only take 3 hours, DOH! try 5-6 hours.
Off to get everyone out of the house so I can make this little ideas journal.

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  1. Hi Krishna

    I'm also catching up on the blogs in signature blocks (re your comment on Fibre & Stitch). Good luck with your blog - I will be back! I just bought an Xpression so really getting into the felting experience - I want it mainly for postcards and small items but we'll see where it takes me I guess...