Monday, October 15, 2007

Spinning Samples

I have had some advice from experienced spinners, who have told me that once I become better I will find it quite difficult to make the lumpy yarn that I have now created. I do like the lumpy yarn, not sure how fantastic it would be to knit or crochet.
It will be great for adding to my felting or embellishing on to other creations.

An excerpt from "Another Time (a pastoral)"

A walking wheel was stored in the dry room

under the stairs behind the kitchen stove,
the drive wheel had spokes and a bronze bushing

That rotated smoothly on a steel shaft,
a multiplying wheel turned the spindle
at high speed as grandmother pushed the spokes

She stood by the chaise, back to the window,
twisting and spinning the heavy coarse wool
into finely wrought yarn for mitts and socks

Over her shoulder green water glittered
but I was held by the whir of spindle
and eyes that glowed behind the spinning wheel

Red ochre was replaced with rich teak oil
Yet, the old wheel yearns for soft hands to toil.

Joseph Dunphy

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