Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How I sometimes felt

This is the head of a mermaid I am needle sculpting. I started this sculpture by measuring my 9 year old daughter. I measured her head diameter, her arms, and the distance from her shoulders to her waist etc.
To make the head I stuffed a pair of woollen tights ( with the legs cut off) with scraps of jumpers and pieces of left over felt. Whilst I was doing this I had a piece of dowel pushed into the head through the bottom to make a space to attach the head to the body.
I then covered the rounded creation with corriedale rolags ( best for needlefelting) and began needlefelting. The lips are a bit much and the eyebrows are extreme. I am not too unhappy with the rest. The hair is temporary until I find something more suitable. As you can see she is still a work in progress. For her body I constructed a wire frame and wrapped that with left over quilt wadding. I always use 100% cotton so that was not an issue.
Wool likes to be felted into natural fibres.
Then, as with the head I wrapped the whole thing with corriedale
wool. The boobs are made from the feet of the same woollen stockings
I used for the head and then stuffed with wool. One is larger than the
other. I will have to fix that, but I suppose it's normal, but a little bit
obvious. She will not have hands as such, I think that will be just a bit too hard. I will put something in her hands so you can't see them. She may be made into a bridal mermaid yet, I am not sure. I am planning on getting a little more extreme, beading, embroidery, etc. Especially the tail.
If anyone has a great idea for a name it would be much appreciated.


  1. Ms. Kissable?
    Licky Lou?

    Something about those lips, to make it seem like you intended them to be exaggerated.

  2. She looks terrific so far!! I ususally wait till my dollsa re almost done and then a neame just seems to bubble up to the surface. Once you have done he embellishing and changed out her hair etc, i think she will definately develope apersonality and her name will be very apparent!!
    Keep adding pictures so we can watch her progress!!

  3. Love it - you've probably thought of this but I went to a dollmaking workshop and we made the hands oput of fine wire first then covered them which made it really easy!

    Love the blog. Keep getting tempted by embellishers - have managed to resist so far but not sure how long I can keep it up!

  4. Don't have a name for your mermaid but I think she will be gorgeous when she's finished. You blog is really interesting, I'm just going back to read some more of the older posts.